Golf Equipment Buying Guide

Golf Equipment Buying Guide

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There are numerous Golf products in the market and choosing from the myriad of excellent equipment available gets difficult sometimes. What with so many golf gps product reviews growing rapidly on the online database and with many websites proclaiming different products as the best golf gps, it sure can get confusing.

Short product reviews for Low range golf GPS devices

  • Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS – Charcoal Review


g_Bushnell NEO Ghost Golf GPS

Bushnell is one of the market leaders in delivering excellent golf GPS products. Bushnell once again excels with its Neo Ghost GPS device which is an excellent golf product with amazing features at a low price.

This golf GPS device is pocket-sized and easy to carry. This GPS product is not only easy to use, but also is tournament legal. It comes pre-loaded with more than 30,000 courses. Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Charcoal device also has auto hole advance as well as auto course recognition. With its easy to read vibrant display, this golf GPS device shows distances to front, center and back of greens.

Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS has a great battery life and you can play at least three rounds of golf before the device needs a recharge. The Neo Ghost golf GPS provides up to four custom hazards and layup distances per hole. It is a very useful device for golf amateurs and enthusiasts.

  • TomTom Golfer (Dark Grey) Review



TomTom Golfer produced by TomTom is a sleek and stylish golf watch which has good features like excellent course coverage and easy to use 4-way navigational buttons. The product is moderately priced but has very minimal features. Though this situation may change with the software updates being done for the Golfer watch.

This golf GPS device is handy and very lightweight compared to other Golf watches. This golf device comes with about 34,000 pre-loaded courses. The TomTom Golfer watch gives a battery life of only about 10 hours when the GPS is used. But the device is easy to use with its all in all button at the bottom of the watch. It has a backlight feature too.

The TomTom Golfer watch has auto hole advance feature and you can manually change the hole using the buttons. Your score can be tracked throughout the game. Multiple players’ scores cannot be tracked. There is no shot tracking available. Though accurate yardage is shown to hazards, lay-ups and greens, shot distances are not measured.

How to pick the best golf GPS – Step by step

Here are step by step instructions to pick the best golf GPS equipment:

  • First you need to choose your budget range.
  • Next, decide what features you need in the GPS device you want.
  • Then check out the reviews of the products providing the features you need.
  • Also, check the peer reviews with your colleagues and golf friends about the best products.
  • Then check the online dealers’ prices, compare them and get the best deal. See if your local store offers better deals.
  • The last step is to take the plunge and buy the product. With all the pre-work you have done, you will definitely succeed with your golf GPS device.

Dominic J.Leon :   While we write about whatever latest golf gadget we come across in the market as soon as we get our hands on them and test the product, we also make sure that the review is totally unbiased, so that it will be very helpful to any golfer who wants to know more about the product or is considering buying it. So, keep checking out the website for latest news in the golfing world. Have a great golf time ahead!

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