10 Rules for Your First Round of Golf

10 Rules for Your First Round of Golf


Nowadays, playing the golf has become one of the most favorite activities of many people in all over the world. People usually make a choice of playing golf in their free time to reduce stress after the overload of working and studying. Furthermore, this also is the best way to take the time for them instead of working to earn money all the time. Although golf has gained the popularity in the entertainment field, not all people know how to do in their first round of golf. They usually feel confused, so we will share with you 10 rules in the first round of the golf, today.

1.    Tools

Junior golf child

Golf is considered as a kind of sports activities which can help people keep fit and stay healthy. In addition, playing golf also is the best activity to relax as well as spend more time with the relatives and friends.

This activity is quite similar to other sports activities because it is required for the equipment. When you want to play golf, you had better have a good preparation to make for sure that there doesn’t lack any equipment which is necessary for the game. To have a wonderful trip, you should have at least 14 clubs which are put in the bag of the golfers.  If you don’t have enough money to buy it for the first time, you can borrow the equipment of other people first. Moreover, you should have the tees and the golf balls in your golf bag.

2.    The tee time


For almost all rounds of playing golf, you must take the reservation for the tee time. You can call the golf course before the time when you expect to play it with your friends. In addition, it will be a great idea if you play at around 10 a. m because according to experts, this is the ideal time to do the activity.

You have to make a detailed plan for the golf course before playing at least about 30 minutes. If you don’t take the tee time, you may lose the chance to play. Therefore, it is compulsory for the golfer to have the tee time.

3.    Dressing the part


It is frank to say that all the courses have the codes of the dress. You must search for the dress code of the course which you have a deep passion for playing as well as the most suitable one for you. Additionally, the khaki shorts and the slacks are the best clothes for the golfers because they can feel more comfortable to move around.

Many people say that the golf shoes play a very important role in playing this game, and people need to purchase for themselves. However, this viewpoint is not really true. In fact, the golf shoes are unnecessary for the golfers. Although the golf shoes are not required, the golf gloves are required for all people when they want to play. These things are very beneficial for the golfer which can make a great contribution to protecting the golfers’ hands.

4.    The tee off


Some people don’t know exactly about the location of the tee. On the ground of the tee, you should put your balls between the two clubs of the length and the tee markers.

5.    Ready to play

The order of the players can depend on the round which is selected randomly. The player with the farthest location can have the right to play first.

6.    Build around

During the process of playing the golf, it is necessary for you to follow the rule which is called “play it as it lies”. You will violate the rule if you either touch or move the ball. Apart from moving or touching, you shouldn’t pick the ball up.

7.    Lost the balls

In some cases, you may lose the ball, so it is very important for you to announce it for your partner, so they can find out it and losing the ball will not affect to your round.

8.    Catch up the pace

Playing the golf is different from other games because it doesn’t need a fast speed. If you are the beginner, you should keep the slow pace. The slower speed can enhance the level of your performance.

9.    Water the hazard

The water hazards are divided into several groups with different colors. The yellow lines show the water hazard. The red one indicates the water hazard which is lateral.

10.     The safety

For all people, the most important thing is the safety of the player. You cannot play any game which has an adverse effect on you, so you should be aware of the hazard which can negatively affect you.

In conclusion, with this sharing, we do hope that you can enlarge your knowledge about the new game which is very interesting. Wish you have a wonderful trip.

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